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Quality motorcycle detailing and car cleaning products
for the perfect smear-free, high-gloss finish.

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Shining motorbike thanks to Bike Auto


Bike Auto

Bike Auto supplies an unbeatable, professional-grade range of cleaners, detailers, polishers and ceramic coatings to enhance the appearance of all motorcycles, bicycles and cars while offering superior protection. 

Suitable for both the enthusiast and professional, we proudly supply our innovative car care and bike cleaning products to a variety of accredited detailers and wash centres across the North East and the UK. 

Born out of a passion for motorcycles that started in childhood, founder Paul Dyson has been detailing vehicles for decades and through extensive research and innovation, has developed market-leading products that are trusted by bikers, cyclists and gearheads nationwide.

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Showroom Brilliance

With BikeAuto products, your surfaces will remain cleaner for longer, whilst keeping a perfect, smear-free, high gloss finish.

Makes Cleaning Easy

The advanced formula means professional results every time, with an enhanced depth of colour and deep gloss shine.

All Year Round Protection

Bike Auto will protect the surface against the elements by preventing UV paint fade and repelling insect squash and bird lime.

Nano Protective Coating

Our products create an extremely hydro and oleophobic surface, repelling liquids and grime.

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