Ceramic Coating

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What is ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating is a chemical liquid polymer solution that, when applied to the exterior of a motorcycle or car, chemically bonds with the surface, creating a hydrophobic layer that acts as an effective paint protectant, fortifying your vehicle against weathering and corrosion while enhancing its aesthetic appearance.

Shiny surface of black car with ceramic coating

What are the benefits?

There are a number of reasons why ceramic coatings are a popular choice for both car and motorcycle owners:

They make your vehicle easier to clean
Due to the hydrophobic qualities of a ceramic coating, the slick exterior surface of your vehicle repels water and dirt. Your ceramic-coated vehicle will still need washing, but not as often and with less effort required.

They are long-lasting
With the correct maintenance, the majority of ceramic coatings will last between two and five years. There are a lot of variables involved in the longevity of a ceramic coating, including how often you use your vehicle and the type of road surfaces you usually drive on.

water droplets on cermaic coating on surface

They are cost-effective
Because ceramic coatings last for a minimum of two years, they are a cost-effective solution in the long run, in comparison to car waxing and sealing which typically needs to be done every three months.

They offer protection from dust and grime
If dust and grime are left on surfaces for an extended period of time, it can cause damage. A ceramic coating can protect against environmental contaminants which your car can come into contact with when on the road.

They protect against UV radiation
Harmful UV rays can lead to oxidation, which can cause the paintwork to fade and look dull and flat, which can decrease the value of your vehicle. Ceramic coatings prevent the process of oxidation and reflect harmful UV rays, keeping your paintwork looking sleek and glossy.

Person wearing black gloves applying ceramic coating onto car

How do you use ceramic coating?

It is important to properly prepare your vehicle before applying a ceramic coating. Firstly, you should wash it and fix any scratches.

You should have a set of gloves, sponges, applicator cloths and a buffing towel to hand to apply the coating. 

We recommend applying the coating indoors so that your vehicle is not exposed to direct sunlight. Make sure not to use too much of the solution at once, and focus on small areas. Once a section has been coated, you should let it sit for five minutes before buffing off the residue. 

You should then let the ceramic coating cure for 1-2 days before driving the vehicle. 

Person wearing a glove and applying ceramic coating to motorcycle

Our products

At Bike Auto, we offer a variety of ceramic sealers and semi-permanent nano-protection coatings which can protect your paintwork. 

Whether you are looking for a pre-winter treatment or hydrophobic protection for 3-6 months, we have the product to suit your vehicle and preferred method of application.

If you’re a vehicle detailer or a wash centre and are interested in stocking our products, please contact us on 0191 266 6111 or send us an email at info@bikeauto.co.uk 



“I'm a detailing nut, obsessed with car and bike products. For motorcycles, I can honestly say when it comes to finishing, your shine product beats anything I've used, hands down. I sold my motorcycle today and due to its clean condition and finish, the chap couldn't barter me down! Too clean!

It's not the cheapest product but you definitely get more quality than you pay for. I keep your shine product aside for full-on detailing days as I know it gives a superior finish.”


“The Everyday Clean is really easy to use. It lifts light dirt easily and even oily stuff with a bit of a scrub. It cleaned the chain oil fling on the wheels really well. Like any wash-on/wash-off, it’s easy to miss spots that then appear when dried but that’s easy enough to tidy up with a damp cloth. Much better than buckets full of soapy water.

Then it’s on to the Finite which is where the real magic happens. A light spray all over and then a wipe with a cloth makes the paintwork/panels look beautifully shiny. I was particularly impressed by the way it took the grey plastics back to a lovely darker colour with a nice sheen (but not shiny). Overall very quick and easy to use, and the results speak for themselves.”


"Paul spent the entire afternoon from noon onwards working his magic on our bikes and though the bikes were brand new he still managed to bring out their true glory, which was still hidden within. Of course, the bikes are better protected now owing to his efforts and will clean more easily from now on.

For anyone considering this treatment, I would not hesitate to go ahead and I consider the cost as money well spent. Especially when he managed to highlight some manufacturing defects that will result in parts being replaced on both bikes at the 500-mile service. Well done Paul and I look forward to meeting you next time we change our bikes.”

Alison & Bob

"Having many responsibilities as a Service Manager in our multi-franchise business we were contacted by Paul who convinced us to use a safer motorcycle rinse detergent that offered outstanding results and was very safe to use, especially for expensive and sensitive motorcycle parts.

After undergoing some training with the Valeting team and a period of monitoring, the difference was noticed immediately. We then began using the other safe products in the Bike Auto range. We are very happy with the product performance and the service received from Bike Auto and Paul has demonstrated his ability to be a trusted partner. Highly recommended."

Paul, Newcastle Motorcycles

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