Ceramic Foaming Sealer

Ceramic Foaming Sealer

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Ceramic Foaming Sealer is a paint protection sealer.

Using a blend of unique properties, this ceramic-infused sealer is quick and easy to use, providing instant hydrophobic protection for between 3-6 months. We recommend using a Snow Foam cannon with an adjustable nozzle and a standard pressure washer 1200 – 1500psi.

Following deep cleaning, a ceramic-infused sealer will not only protect surfaces from contamination but it will also make maintenance cleaning easier and can increase the glossy appearance of all surfaces.

For best results, we would advise completing a full corrective deep clean before using the Ceramic Foaming Sealer. As this product seals the paintwork, it is important that your motorcycle or car is clean and free from contaminants.

How to use:

1. Prewash your vehicle using Wash and decontaminate the paintwork using Extreme Snow Foam and Extreme Fall Out.
2. Using detailing and wheel brushes, apply Wheelbrite to the wheels to remove as much soiling and decontamination as possible.
3. Pressure wash and rinse.
4. Handwash all areas with Sudtastic Shampoo using a noodle mitt and the two-bucket method.
5. Rinse all areas thoroughly and leave wet.
6. Mix the Ceramic Foaming Sealer with 200ml to 800ml of water in a 1L foam cannon. Connect to a pressure washer to generate the foam.
7. Spray left, right, up and down to completely cover the surfaces and immediately start to pressure wash the foam suds from all the areas covered (you will see a change in the behaviour of the water. It should instantaneously fall from all surfaces, indicating that the Ceramic Foaming Sealer has been effective).
8. Dry the vehicle or motorcycle with drying towels and turbo blowers.

TOP TIP: For complete ceramic protection, use our ceramic detailer, Show n’ Shine, to complete the ceramic sealing process. You can expect 3-6 months of service from this treatment when following the above method.

TOP TIP: if you want a further year’s protection, use Slipstream ceramic coating as a spray-on wipe-off treatment before you use Show n’ Shine. This can provide up to 18 months of protection.

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