Safe Foam

Safe Foam

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With a deep cleaning, high foaming formulation, Safe Foam provides a no-touch, neutral pH thick blanket for the safe and effective removal of dirt, traffic soil and bugs.

TOP TIP: Use a snow foam cannon and pressure washer to speed up deep cleaning and reduce the risk of scratches caused by cleaning by hand.

How to use:

1. Pressure wash all loose dirt and apply Wash to all areas to break down the soil bond and remove most of the contamination.
2. Fill a 1L foam cannon with 200ml Safe Foam to 800ml of warm water.
3. Adjust the thickness of the foam to allow it to settle on the surfaces for around five minutes or longer. The foam will melt, dragging down the soiling contamination without damaging the surfaces.
4. Pressure wash off.
5. Wash with Sudtastic Shampoo and seal with Protect or our Ceramic Foaming Sealer.
6. Complete the process with a finishing treatment of ShineShow ‘n’ Shine or Slipstream ceramic coating.

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