Slipstream 300ml

Slipstream 300ml


Slipstream ceramic coating offers 12 months of high gloss, durable ceramic protection from a single spray-on application.

Slipstream is designed to be easily used by pro detailers and enthusiasts alike.

Using a trigger spray and just two microfibre cloths, this product can be applied using a simple wipe-on, wipe-off technique. Slipstream can be applied to all paintwork and glass surfaces.

Use Slipstream sparingly for best results.

How to use:

1. Conduct a full, deep clean decontamination of surfaces before using Slipstream. Make sure all surfaces are dry before use.
2. Apply Slipstream to an Applicator Pad or our Super Soft Fleece and apply to the surface (1-2 sprays per panel is usually sufficient).
3. Remove using Super Soft Fleece for final buffing.

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