October 19th 2023

What is snow foam and how do I use it?

Are you passionate about keeping your bike or car in pristine condition? If so, you should probably learn more about the secret weapon used by professional detailers and cleaners –  snow foam. 

Snow foam has become an indispensable mixture for enthusiasts and professionals alike to ensure their vehicles remain in pristine condition. 

In this blog post, we’ll dive into what this product is, the best application methods, and provide recommendations on how to use it effectively. We’ll also introduce you to Bike Auto’s top-quality snow foam product that’s used at top dealerships across the North East, including Vertu Motorcycles and Newcastle Motorcycles.

What is snow foam?

Snow foam, also known as pre-wash foam, is a specialised cleaning product used in the automotive and bike detailing industry to act as a base detergent. 

This chemical is designed to be applied to the exterior of vehicles through a foam cannon or foam gun, creating a thick, clinging foam that is produced when the mix is combined in the cannon barrel with water – usually one part mix to ten parts water. 

Unlike traditional car wash soaps, the snow foam clings to the vehicle surface, encapsulating dirt, grime, grit, and other contaminants.

What is snow foam used for?

Snow foam serves multiple essential purposes and should be considered a must for car or bike detailing enthusiasts.

Firstly, it acts as a mid-conditioner for your vehicle as, once applied, it requires a significant amount of “dwell time.” The thick, chemically enhanced foam created by the foam allows it to effectively adhere to any surface and the prolonged contact time enables the cleaning agents within the foam to efficiently break down and lift contaminants.

This extended cleansing phase means better cleaning results!

Lastly, this product offers the bonus of enhancing the gloss of your bike or car. Once the cleaning is complete and the foam has been rinsed, the powerful chemical reactions leave a clean, glossy finish. 

For those who wish to maintain their vehicles to a high standard, it’s the perfect investment and cleaning solution to ensure your vehicle is looking its absolute best.

Washing car with snow foam.

How to use snow foam effectively

Now that you know what snow foam is and what it’s used for, let’s discuss how to apply it properly and most efficiently.

Before using the product, you must ensure you have the right application equipment, including:

  • Foam cannon or foam gun
  • Pressure washer
  • Water buckets

These tools are vital for maintaining coverage of the vehicle, if you do not have access to these, renting them from dealerships or detailing centres is a great alternative option.

Steps for applying snow foam

1. Prepare your equipment

Begin by attaching the foam dispenser to your pressure washer or hose and ensure it’s properly connected and the nozzle is in the operational setting.

2. Make the snow foam 

Snow foam must be diluted with water to ensure the car coverage is correct. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on your snow form to dilute the solution. Usually, this is a 1:10 ratio of snow foam to water, but this can vary between brands so always read the bottle.

3. Spray the foam 

Gently squeeze the trigger on the foam dispenser and check that it is operating correctly.

Then, start at the bottom of your vehicle and work your way up and around. Apply the foam generously to ensure complete coverage. Once it is completely covered, add a finishing coverage to the final details – the tyres and grille(s).

Allow the foam to sit for 5-10 minutes, but keep an eye on it to avoid letting it dry on the surface.

4. Reapply or gently scrub, if necessary

If there is stubborn dirt or grime, particularly around the wheels, you can use a soft brush or mitt to gently move the foam and scrub. You can reapply if the grime is particularly difficult to remove.

DO NOT use the same brush or mitt to clean the body of the car as the tough dirt can cause scratches.

5. Rinse away remnants

Remove the foam dispenser from your pressure washer and use the device to rinse away the foam, starting from the top and working your way down in a sweeping motion. 

The dirt and contaminants should now be carried away by the foam.

6. Begin your regular wash

After rinsing check that all the foam is removed – you can then proceed with a regular wash using your preferred car or bike soap.

Try Bike Auto’s snow foam for exceptional results

Completing these steps can be made even easier with the right kind of product, that’s why we highly recommend Bike Auto’s Extreme Snow Foam  – which is used by detailing experts, dealerships, and at-home enthusiasts across the UK.

This product is formulated to provide excellent cleaning power while being gentle on your bike or car’s bodywork and paint. It’s easy to use and guarantees a glossy, streak-free finish every time.

Get your hands on our high-grade Bike Auto Extreme Snow Foam now and discover the exceptional!

Bike Auto Snow Foam product image

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“I'm a detailing nut, obsessed with car and bike products. For motorcycles, I can honestly say when it comes to finishing, your shine product beats anything I've used, hands down. I sold my motorcycle today and due to its clean condition and finish, the chap couldn't barter me down! Too clean!

It's not the cheapest product but you definitely get more quality than you pay for. I keep your shine product aside for full-on detailing days as I know it gives a superior finish.”


“The Everyday Clean is really easy to use. It lifts light dirt easily and even oily stuff with a bit of a scrub. It cleaned the chain oil fling on the wheels really well. Like any wash-on/wash-off, it’s easy to miss spots that then appear when dried but that’s easy enough to tidy up with a damp cloth. Much better than buckets full of soapy water.

Then it’s on to the Finite which is where the real magic happens. A light spray all over and then a wipe with a cloth makes the paintwork/panels look beautifully shiny. I was particularly impressed by the way it took the grey plastics back to a lovely darker colour with a nice sheen (but not shiny). Overall very quick and easy to use, and the results speak for themselves.”


"Paul spent the entire afternoon from noon onwards working his magic on our bikes and though the bikes were brand new he still managed to bring out their true glory, which was still hidden within. Of course, the bikes are better protected now owing to his efforts and will clean more easily from now on.

For anyone considering this treatment, I would not hesitate to go ahead and I consider the cost as money well spent. Especially when he managed to highlight some manufacturing defects that will result in parts being replaced on both bikes at the 500-mile service. Well done Paul and I look forward to meeting you next time we change our bikes.”

Alison & Bob

"Having many responsibilities as a Service Manager in our multi-franchise business we were contacted by Paul who convinced us to use a safer motorcycle rinse detergent that offered outstanding results and was very safe to use, especially for expensive and sensitive motorcycle parts.

After undergoing some training with the Valeting team and a period of monitoring, the difference was noticed immediately. We then began using the other safe products in the Bike Auto range. We are very happy with the product performance and the service received from Bike Auto and Paul has demonstrated his ability to be a trusted partner. Highly recommended."

Paul, Newcastle Motorcycles

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