March 21st 2024

Motorcycle maintenance tools: what you need

Owning a motorcycle entails a lot more than simply the thrill of tearing along the open road — it comes with the ongoing responsibility of keeping your bike in good condition.

Regular maintenance ensures your motorcycle runs safely and smoothly, and will also serve to extend its lifespan. However, in order to keep your bike well-maintained, it’s crucial to have the right tools at your fingertips so that you can do the best possible job. Here at Bike Auto, we certainly know a thing or two about maintaining your motorcycle, so in today’s comprehensive guide we’ll be sharing this knowledge and breaking down the essential motorcycle maintenance tools that you need in order to keep your hot wheels in tip-top condition.

Keep those wheels pristine

Whether they’re alloy, chrome, or painted, your wheels play a crucial role in the overall performance of your bike.

It goes without saying that your wheels get grimy very easily due to the combined effects of brake dust, mud, sand, and grit salt. This grime builds up over time, and can lead to corrosion if it’s not regularly removed. As such, we recommend cleaning your wheels at least twice a month.

It’s essential to work with a good cleaning product that is specially designed for motorcycle wheels. If you are working with alloy wheels, products like Wheelbrite are able to dissolve stubborn grease, oil and mud residue without causing damage. For the best possible clean, avoid the temptation to use vinegar, washing-up liquid, WD40, or other household products.

Your essential tool for wheel care is undoubtedly a good quality wheel brush. Here at Bike Auto, we stock a Heavy Duty Wheel Brush and a specialist Wheel Woolie, both of which are designed to achieve an incredibly thorough result. After giving your wheels a good clean, you can dry and polish them with a microfiber cloth.

Maintaining your chain and sprockets

Your chain may be the single most important component to care for in your motorcycle, and it – along with the sprockets – requires regular attention in order to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Of course, if your chain is your most important component, then it follows that acquiring the equipment needed to care for it properly is an essential step towards building a comprehensive kit of essential motorcycle maintenance tools.

In order to keep your chain and sprockets in tip-top condition, you should regularly apply a good quality degreaser to remove grit and dirt. The essential tool that we recommend pairing with your degreaser is our chain and sprocket cleaning brush, which has a three-sided square head that is ideal for removing dirt from the chain, sprockets, spoke wheels, and any other hard-to-reach areas of your bike. Once your chain is clean and dry, use a lubricant to prevent corrosion and ensure smooth running.

Close-up of a person cleaning motorcycle exterior parts with microfibre cloth.

Taking care of exterior detailing

If you’re like us, then your motorcycle is probably your pride and joy, and caring for your bike’s exterior detailing is a top priority.

Not only is the exterior of your bike a reflection of your style, and your commitment to its maintenance a reflection of the pride you take in your bike, but the exterior also acts as the protective layer for all of the crucial components and mechanisms inside of your motorcycle. So, maintaining your exterior detailing is an important responsibility in order to keep your bike both looking good and working properly.

Our most popular product for exterior cleaning is our dirt-busting extreme snow foam, and our nifty foam cannon is a fantastic companion tool that enables the thorough application of cleaning products, speeding up the process of a deep clean, and reducing the risk of scratches that can be caused through cleaning by hand.

Additionally, soft detailing brushes are also fantastic tools to keep on hand for touching up your bike’s exterior and removing dirt and grime, whilst soft fleece cloths are basic yet effective tools to help you polish and buff your bike to perfection.

Close-up of a person cleaning a motorcycle chain using a brush.

How can Bike Auto help?

With the right tools in your arsenal, effective maintenance becomes a pleasurable part of the experience of owning a motorcycle. Here at Bike Auto, we understand the importance of caring for your bike, and we’re committed to supplying our customers with quality, professional-grade products and tools, enabling you to get the very best out of your motorcycle.

Looking to build a comprehensive kit of motorcycle maintenance tools? Check out our full range here.

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“I'm a detailing nut, obsessed with car and bike products. For motorcycles, I can honestly say when it comes to finishing, your shine product beats anything I've used, hands down. I sold my motorcycle today and due to its clean condition and finish, the chap couldn't barter me down! Too clean!

It's not the cheapest product but you definitely get more quality than you pay for. I keep your shine product aside for full-on detailing days as I know it gives a superior finish.”


“The Everyday Clean is really easy to use. It lifts light dirt easily and even oily stuff with a bit of a scrub. It cleaned the chain oil fling on the wheels really well. Like any wash-on/wash-off, it’s easy to miss spots that then appear when dried but that’s easy enough to tidy up with a damp cloth. Much better than buckets full of soapy water.

Then it’s on to the Finite which is where the real magic happens. A light spray all over and then a wipe with a cloth makes the paintwork/panels look beautifully shiny. I was particularly impressed by the way it took the grey plastics back to a lovely darker colour with a nice sheen (but not shiny). Overall very quick and easy to use, and the results speak for themselves.”


"Paul spent the entire afternoon from noon onwards working his magic on our bikes and though the bikes were brand new he still managed to bring out their true glory, which was still hidden within. Of course, the bikes are better protected now owing to his efforts and will clean more easily from now on.

For anyone considering this treatment, I would not hesitate to go ahead and I consider the cost as money well spent. Especially when he managed to highlight some manufacturing defects that will result in parts being replaced on both bikes at the 500-mile service. Well done Paul and I look forward to meeting you next time we change our bikes.”

Alison & Bob

"Having many responsibilities as a Service Manager in our multi-franchise business we were contacted by Paul who convinced us to use a safer motorcycle rinse detergent that offered outstanding results and was very safe to use, especially for expensive and sensitive motorcycle parts.

After undergoing some training with the Valeting team and a period of monitoring, the difference was noticed immediately. We then began using the other safe products in the Bike Auto range. We are very happy with the product performance and the service received from Bike Auto and Paul has demonstrated his ability to be a trusted partner. Highly recommended."

Paul, Newcastle Motorcycles

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