Maintenance Bundle

Maintenance Bundle


The ultimate maintenance bundle for professionals, enthusiasts and both mobile and unit-based detailers.

Included in this bundle is Extreme Snow Foam, Protect Foaming Sealer, Sudtastic Shampoo, Shine, Protect, Extreme Fall Out, Wheelbrite, Quickshine, Tyre and Trim Dressing, Ceramic Foaming Sealer, stored in a robust carrier with handle.

Our bestselling pre-wash is sold separately in 1L, 5L and 25L to complement this bundle.

Customisation options are available and the Maintenance Bundle can be personalised with other products from the Bike Auto range to suit the application and type of vehicle being cleaned. Simply explain what you want to achieve and we will advise on the products you need.

Tested and used by trade detailers, mobile and unit-based detailers and motorcycle main dealers, this bundle has been designed based on years of testing knowledge and experience, resulting in a comprehensive range of quality cleaning and detailing products.

The bundle comes complete with a FREE hands-on demonstration of the correct use and techniques required to get the best out of this unique arsenal of performance products.

Get in touch today for more details on the products within the bundle.


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